Indonesian telecommunications $ 2.3 billion to build the national high-speed broadband network

Indonesia leading telecom operator Telekomunikasi Indonesia (PT Telkom) announced plans to invest before the end of 2015 21.19 billion rupiah (about US $ 2.3 billion) high-speed broadband network for national projects.  Telecom’s goal is to cover the whole country 497 cities in Indonesia, through the “real broadband (True Broadband)” project a 20Mbps-100Mbps speeds.  The carriers also improved backhaul transmission infrastructure, complete wrapping of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Denpasar, Mataram and ancient State, fibre backbone deployment of up to 26,000 km.  In addition, the carriers will be the end of 2012 begin to build your own 5,500 km of submarine cable system submarine cable–Sulawesi and Maluku, Papua island systems (SMPS).  Linadi·feilimansaha, Chairman of Indonesia’s telecommunications (Rinaldi Firmansyah) and local media said the additional infrastructure support operators to new telecommunications, information, media, and education must be part of the entertainment technology transition.  Company target is before the end of 2015, information, media, and teaches entertainment technical value-added services revenues increased to 9% per cent from 2011.

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