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China Mobile & China Telecom have planned the year 2017

The China Mobile & China Telecom have planned the year 2017, they already issued the tender for purchasing the blade type plc splitter, as some of our customers such as the Huijue, Sunsea, Tefa, Aoke etc. have got the chance to bid this tender.


As last month, Aoke have placed 10,000 sets of the blade type plc splitter, our factory have arranged the production and moving fast to reach the lead time, for our professional and diligent, Aoke now give us the on-going orders which have gained from the China Mobile, such a good news, but also a ordeal for our company, no matter the lead time and quality, so we have to take good care of these orders.


This is a signal which indicates the service providers here have already put strength to enlarge the number of FTTH users, and this is the basic construction for them to build the 5G or more fast cyber speed, we are well-armed here to contribute ourselves for producing more reliable and stable products which can support our domestic SP, and let people to live under more fast network.