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Fiber optic patch cord is mainly used

Fiber optic patch cord is mainly used
Fiber optic jumper products are widely applied to: communications room, FTTH, LAN network, fibre optic sensors, optical communication systems, fiber transmission equipment, such as defence readiness. Apply to cable TV networks, telecommunications networks, computers, optical networking and optical test equipment. Mainly used in several segments.
1. optical fiber communication system
2. optical fiber access network
3. fiber optic data transmission
4. optical fiber CATV
5. local area network (LAN)
6. test equipment
7. optical fiber sensor
Fiber optic patch cord:
FC:FC/FC/PC, FC/FC/UPC, FC/FC/APC fibre patch cord
SC:SC/SC/PC, SC/SC/UPC, SC/SC/APC fibre patch cord
ST:ST/ST/PC, ST/ST/UPC, SC/ST/APC fibre patch cord
LC:LC/LC/PC, LC/LC/UPC, LC/LC/APC fibre patch cord

FC/SC:FC/SC/PC, FC/SC/UPC, FC/SC/APC fibre patch cord

SC/FC:SC/FC/PC, SC/FC/UPC, SC/FC/APC fibre patch cord
ST/FC:ST/FC/PC, ST/FC/UPC, ST/FC/APC fibre patch cord
LC/SC:LC/SC/PC, LC/SC/UPC, LC/SC/APC fibre patch cord
Insertion loss: 0.2dB return loss: ≥ 60dB working temperature:-40 ° c ~+80 ° c repeatability: ≤ 0.1dB interchangeability: ≤ 0.2dB-plug number: > 1000 times the tensile strength: 0~15Kg


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